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Q1 What are the payment options / method available @ DiGi Store Online?
A1 We accept:
Credit Card payment:
  • Visa or Mastercard via PayPal
Direct Debit (via your savings or current account for these selected banks*):
  • CIMB
  • Maybank
  • RHB
  • Public Bank
Q2 What are the credit cards accepted by DiGi Store Online?
A2 We accept all local and foreign credit cards that are supported by PayPal payment channels.
Q3 Is supplementary credit card accepted?
A3 Yes, supplementary credit card is accepted if the supplementary credit card's holder purchases the products for himself/herself.
Q4 What is the accepted currency to buy @ DiGi Store Online?
A4 All price displays in DiGi Store Online are in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR).
Q5 Can I buy from DiGi Store Online without creating an account with the respective banks?
A5 No.
For Credit Card:
  • You will need to have a Paypal User Account. Create a PayPal account for Free at www.paypal.com/my.
For Direct Debit via selected banks*:
  • You will need to have your own online banking User ID and Password.
Q6 How do I register a credit card prior to buying @ DiGi Store Online?
A6 If you intend to pay via Credit Card, you are required to have an existing PayPal account. For new sig-up, you can do so for Free at www.paypal.com/my.
Q7 What payment status will I receive for buying @ DiGi Store Online?
A7 Payment Status includes:
Payment Status
Pending Payment request is pending for approval from bank/PayPal
Success Payment request has been approved by bank/PayPal
Failed Payment request has been rejected by bank/PayPal
Incomplete Payment details incomplete/Payment has been cancelled by customer
Q8 If my payment is unsuccessful, what should I do?
A8 You will receive a notification from DiGi Store Online to your email address (which you key-in at the online registration) to confirm if payment was successful or not. If the payment failed, you can visit DiGi Store Online to make the purchase again.
Q9 I forgot my password for online banking account / PayPal account. How do I obtain a new one?
A9 You are required to contact your respective banks/PayPal to reset your password.
Q10 Is 3rd party payment allowed?
A10 No, you need to use your own user account (banks/PayPal) to purchase products from DiGi Store Online.
However, if payment is made through a 3rd party account/PayPal, DiGi will not be held liable for it and payment will not be refunded. Therefore, it’s advisable for you to keep your account password safe, secured and accessible only by yourself.
Q11 I have a dispute on my billed amount. What should I do?
A11 You are required to contact your respective banks/PayPal on the dispute.
Q12 Is there any limited amount (Ringgit Malaysia) to buy @ DiGi Store Online? This refers to debit and credit card transactions.
A12 For Credit Card transaction:
  • PayPal User: According to your credit card credit limits availability or PayPal authorized limit (if applicable).
For Direct Debit transaction (selected banks*):
  • According to the amount available in your savings or current bank account.
Q13 Do I need a Pin Number to make payment online?
A13 At the final step at “Payment” page of the online buying process, a separate Online Banking or PayPal window will pop-up. You will be required to key-in your User ID and Password.
For Direct Debit, payment channel additional security password may be required by the respective banks to confirm the payment (e.g. TAC).
If you intend to pay via Credit Card, you are required to login to your PayPal account.
Q14 How will I receive the payment confirmation and how long will it take to receive the confirmation?
A14 You will receive a notification from DiGi Store Online to your email address which was indicated in the registration during the online purchase.
The email will be sent to you within 24 hour upon receiving payment confirmation from your corresponding bank.
Q15 I did not receive the payment confirmation via email. What should I do?
A15 You can either:
  • Email to shop@digi.com.my or
  • Call DiGi Customer Service Hotline @ 016-299 1128 or
  • Use the Self Service Tools @ DiGi Store Online:
    • Click on "Purchase Status"
    • Key in either "Email address + IC No." or "Transaction No."
(Note: Payment confirmation will be sent within 24 hours)
Q16 I have query on my payment with direct debit bank or credit card with PayPal, what number can I call?
A16 Below are the Customer Service Helpline which may be of assistance to you:

  1. PayPal: Customers should always check their payment status online from their PayPal account.
    Alternatively, call +603 7723 7155. Mon - Fri (8am - 10pm) & Sat & Sun (9am - 6pm).
  2. Maybank: 1-300 88 6688 or 603-7844 3696 (International)
  3. CIMB: 1 300 880 900 or 603 2295 6100 (International)
  4. RHB: 603 9206 8228
  5. Public Bank: 1 800 22 5555
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